Anastasia Benko is an award-winning artist, photographer and interior stylist based in Dortmund, Germany. 

Born in the Ukraine, her artistic education began at the age of 3 and art has been the driving force in her personal and professional life ever since. 

With an academic background in art history, her work is a product of many years of extensive training, travels and inspiration from all types of cultural and artistic avenues. 

She believes that art has the transformational power to create meaning out of void, her style is a unique combination of creating spacious narratives and capturing quiet, ethereal moments.


Originally, the series of STARGIRLS was never meant to be published, as it was a very personal way to bring back beauty to her life in very dark times:  

‚In life we are all faced with challenging episodes, but art has always had the superpower to nurture my soul. It was after a very painful loss that I started illustrating exposed bodies and after having shared a few sketches I was convinced to publish more STARGIRLS. Art has always been my way to communicate with the world and to connect with YOU.'

A few charcoal strokes divide a flat expanse of paper and seem to illustrate life's fragility in the most vulnerable form. To Anastasia the STARGIRLS are an intimate exploration of how life can feel - simultaneously their strong lines have the transformational energy to create meaning: it's up to YOU to fill this crack in space and time with purpose.

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